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Notice to Residential End Users

While Admiral Craft Products are designed specifically for those in the commercial food service industry, a certain number of our products can be used in residential environments. If installed or used in a residential environment, please note there are limitations to our manufactures warranty policy and should be considered when purchasing our products. The majority of service companies we work with for our products are not insured to go into residential homes. This also includes a business that is located inside a home with-in a residential zone. The homeowner is responsible for providing their own service technician when needed. Admiral Craft will supply and ship the required parts free of charge.

There are some notable differences between commercial and non-commercial pieces of refrigeration and cooking equipment.

  • Commercial equipment Is designed for functionality and heavy use in a commercial environment.
  • Commercial equipment Is not insulated as thoroughly as non-commercial equipment and generates much more heat. Many pieces of commercial equipment also require a ventilation hood system and a fire-suppression system to comply with local fire and building codes.
  • Commercial equipment consumes more power than non-commercial equipment
  • Commercial equipment Is often louder than a comparable non-commercial piece of equipment.

When commercial products are Installed in a non-commercial setting your homeowner's insurance could be void.

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Why register your product with Adcraft?

There are many reasons why it is important to register your newly purchased product with Adcraft. Registering your product provides us with a way to contact you in the unlikely event of any safety notices or recalls on your product.

Registering your product will also provide you with quick and easy warranty service if a problem does occur with your Adcraft product. Please remember that in order to receive any service under warranty, the owner must provide proof of purchase with date of sale and/or date of installation of product.