Products: Janitorial

1624-3 - Utility Cart

Utility cart, 400 lb. capacity

423 - Grill Grate Brush

8" Grill brush w/handle

75-S - Stainless Steel Sponge

Stainless steel sponge

CBP-4 - Cutlery Bin

Plastic with handles

CUT-4SS - Cutlery Bin

Heavy stainless steel

CYL-M - Sliverware Cylinder

Frost white polyethylene

CYL-SS - Silverware Cylinder

Stainless steel.

DB-1520C/BK - Dish Box Cover

Dish box cover, black

DB-1520C/GY - Dish Box Cover

Dish box cover, gray

DB7-1520BK - Dish Box

Dish box, black

DB7-1520GY - Dish Box

Dish box, gray

DCRT - Dish Cart

Dish cart, 3-tier

MAT-35BK - Anti-Fatigue Matting

3/4 " thick rubber

MAT-35TC - Anti-Fatigue Matting

Grease-proof 1/2 " thick

MB-36L - Mop Bucket

Mop Bucket and ringer

NSL-2616 - Lug

Heavy duty stacking lug

NSL-2616CG - Lug Cover

Cover for NSL-2616CG

PBO-15 - Sterilizing Basket

15" x 10" x 8" high

PFB-1520 - Freezer Box

Freezer box

PFB-1520C - Freezer Box Cover

Cover for PFB-1520